Overcome Slow Computer / Laptop To Be Faster and Optimal

The performance of a PC / laptop computer Windows feels slow over time, it might be because there are several reasons that make it slow down. Which may be from that reason do not know because they are still learning to use a computer or laptop. There are several ways to overcome the slow computer , and can speed up the performance of Windows , both Windows 7 8 or 10.

If the windows feel heavy don’t be angry. So you have to be patient in using it, because if you get angry it will be even more chaotic and the problem will increase. Here will explain the suggestions for those who have problems from windows that feel slow and make it faster and optimal.

Mempercepat PC

Actually windows can slow it down because of its own use. But if you basically have a low specification certainly in use is rather heavy. Then for sufficient specifications in its use even smoothly. But if over time it feels different (slower) you can try this method and while learning for sure.

Tps and How to Speed ​​up a PC or Laptop Computer

Uninstall a Program

Maybe from some programs that have been installed and now the program is not used anymore it is better to remove it, either large or small. Because the program can run in the background. and all to be neater.

How: First open the Control Panel to find where to open it can search in the control panel by typing “control panel”. Then find and click Programs and Features . Now double click the program you want to delete. Then follow the steps (almost the same as installing the program).

Expand Disk Space

In the system space section ( disk C ), if the space is full, clear the unnecessary / used data. Full in the sense that it is not full, it means that the remaining / empty / free space is only a range of 20GB and below. If my suggestion is to try more than 35GB of free space. The goal is that the system can run smoothly.

  • Manage data : If there is data on the system disk (C 🙂 that is not important to throw it away, and for important data such as software especially large ones better move to another disk storage space.
  • Delete TEMP data : TEMP ( Temporary ), which means to delete temporary storage data from activities. The trick is to right-click on local disk C and select properties. There will be a table of the amount of space used and remaining, Click Disk Cleanup . Furthermore, if you want to delete the system temp just click Clean up system files . Check the data that you want to delete, click OK, then Delete Files .

Turn off the Startup Program

Programs that usually run automatically when the PC is turned on, it will take time to create them. So prevent by disabling / shutting down the startup program, so this can save memory, processor performance, and also speed up Windows boot / when entering Windows.

Usually the program in the try system runs when it starts at startup. If the startup is turned off then the program on the try system will not exist.

How: Right-click on the takbar, then select taks manager. At the startup table there will be a list of applications, select the application that will be turned off by right-clicking and selecting disable.

Defrag the Hard Drive

By doing defragmentation on the hard disk can make files easy to read, defrag it can be said to organize or arrange files. If the disk has not been defragged a range of 10% -15 or more can make a PC so slow. If only a few percent might have no effect.

Try when you want to defrag, when after cleaning the PC clean as above was managing data, delete temp, and uninstall the program.

How: Check What Is Hard Disk Defragment and How to Do it.

Stop the Application

Forcibly shut down applications that aren’t running and use a lot of resources. For example a program that does not respond, it will use a high CPU. Or other programs, maybe this rarely happens. Make no mistake, only the programs we install. Because if the program is stopped the system, then windows will shutdown.

How: Open the taks manager, there will be a program running. Right-click the program that you want to stop and select End taks.

Malware Scan

Most slow Windows performance is caused by malware such as viruses and adware. Try to use a good antivirus and try not a heavy antivirus. The point is adjusted to the specifications of the computer or laptop and just use one. Examples for not heavy are avast and malwarebytes.

Use Utilities

Better to install the utility to clean the PC. And my suggestion is to just install one so that it doesn’t burden the system. There are several tools used to maintain a PC. But for light and standard use CCleaner, the point is not for heavy applications. Actually for PC cleaning is not often done is okay. CCleaner may have enough features to clean the windows.

Turn off animation

Animations on windows, for example such as opening a start menu or program or closing it will have visual effects (animation). And that requires cpu performance, by turning off visual effects it can lighten its performance. Even though it looks unattractive 😉, if you don’t want it to be turned off, that’s OK, if you have to, you can. 😅

For how: Open system info by pressing windows + pause break. If it is not possible to open the control panel, then select System and Security , select System again. After that on the left sidebar select Advanced system settings . System properties will appear with an advanced table, there are three settings , choose the top one, namely performance . In the visual effects tag, select Adjust for best performance , and click OK and OK.

Add- ons On desktop don’t use backgrounds that change automatically, preferably just one picture. Do not install gadgets on desktops and other over-displays.

And for computer users can do hardware upgrades, especially RAM, CPU, and disk. The purpose of the disk upgrade is not to add storage capacity, but to move from using a hard drive to SSD. SSD ( solid-state drive ) which is faster than a hard disk. Of course, to upgrade the hardware if you have funds.

If windows is slow because it is no longer normal maybe because of a virus, it can be overcome by resetting or reinstalling windows but if it is very forced. That is my tips for optimizing a slow pc again. Sorry, if there is less or wrong.