Tips & Tricks So As Not To Be A Victim Information Hoaks News

Hoaks are a matter that must be prevented – Hoaks are something we stay away from, because they can cause unwanted problems.

Everyone should not just believe new information (on the internet) that looks strange and looks very interesting.

So to believe it we have to be able to distinguish hoax news from factual news. That way we won’t be affected and fall victim to hoax news. Smart readers are not difficult, the following tips and tricks you can do to check the truth of a news.

1. Check the Relationship between Title and Content of News .

One of the most sought after news hoaks is the reader who reads only rudimentary or just curious at a glance. Hoaks news makers will be easier to deceive by giving titles that are asational and persuasive, biased towards provocative, unpredictable, and interesting.

So, if you see a news with a horrendous title, read it carefully so it won’t be misled.

2. Check the News Media Makers .

Many news sites are deliberately created just to catch up with popularity. If the site provides hoax news, then it will certainly quickly become famous.

Therefore, make sure the news that you can come from trusted sources.

3. Check News Publication Date.

News or events that have been published for a long time can be read again.even though it looks can be a misinterpretation.

4. Also check news in other places.

Horrendous news is one of the characteristics of news hoaks.So if you find a breaking news, but you don’t find it on other sites even for a few days.Possible news is hoaks.

5. Check the News Source.

With a news source, it can make the news trustworthy. Sources can be their own coverage such as photo journals or other news sources.

If the news source is not convincing or not even mentioned then maybe the news is hoaks.

6. Pay Attention to News Quotes and Photos .

News hoaxes can easily include misleading quotes. So do not be easy to believe especially if the quote is excited and important.

Including photos, because now there are many photo editing applications, and editing them is not difficult.

7. Be careful with Sheep Fighting News .

Don’t be influenced if the news is pitted. If the news leads to negative things, then we must avoid them.

Even though the news is factual, don’t be influenced. Because fighting sheep is not a good thing – not only harm others, but we ourselves will also suffer losses.

8. Don’t Hurry Share

When you find a horrendous news, it is better to check the truth of the news.If the news is really facts and can be useful for others – then please just share.

Don’t let hoaks spread, we have to fight hoaks. Not only in the real world environment, but we must also protect the virtual world. Because the results will also affect us ourselves. Source: