AI vs ML – What’s the difference?

Perbedaan AI (artificial intelligence) dan ML (machine learning)

Artificial Intelligence, or artificial intelligence. Nowadays many chips have been implanted AI in it. So with a chip like this many phones now become sophisticated-sophisticated.

But have you ever found Machine Learning (ML) features. In the technological world. Machine learning features or learning machines also have advanced capabilities, namely intelligence.

Both have intelligence, but what makes them both different. Here is the difference between AI and ML.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Or an artificial intelligence. In the term AI is a machine that can mimic cognitive functions that are usually associated with humans, such as in conducting learning or in solving problems. To be said also with Ai, machines can understand or think for themselves.

This is a general term for software or hardware that machines may be able to mimic human intelligence.

ML (Machine Learning)

Or a machine learning. This is one part of the AI, which is used Unutuk to convey that intelligence. A technique for analyzing data that allows the system to ‘ learn ‘ from a large amount of data, identifies the pattern and makes decisions with human intervention as minimal as possible.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Increase chances of success and not accuracyImproving accuracy, but not caring for success
Doing the job intelligentlyRetrieving data and learning from data
Can think to solve the problemLearning from existing data then concludes the completion as learned
Take a decisionLearn new things from your data
Can mimic human beings to respond to behaviour in a stateCreating self-learning algorithms
The AI will look for optimal solutionsML will only look for suitable solutions that have been studied, whether it is optimal or
AI leads to intelligence or wisdomML leads to knowledge

In short it can be said Ml or machine learning using the experience to find something learned. While AI or artificial intelligence uses the experience to acquire knowledge and apply that knowledge in a new environment.