Tips on how to keep the HP battery durable and not wasteful

baterai hp/smartphone habis

Many people have problems with HP batteries that run out quickly. So that some of them bring power banks while traveling.

Some Things That Cause Smartphone Batteries to be wasteful

Tips on how to keep the HP battery durable and not wasteful

Often using a cell phone to the point of overloading performance or Overload can waste battery power. Usually this is caused by opening / using heavy applications or applications that are used simultaneously.

Bright light intensity can also drain the battery.

When charging does not use the default HP charge. This will affect the process of charging and charging less optimally.

Using HP for heavy gaming can also make the battery run out quickly. Moreover playing games that use data connections, use high graphics, and are full of animated movements. This can also make HP heat quickly and run out, or even Drop.

How to Overcome Wasteful HP Batteries, and Take Care of them to Stay Durable

a. If available, use / use the power saving feature.

b. Don’t use animated wallpapers.

c. Turn off unused features, such as Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Sync. As well as the Auto Update feature.

d. Reduce the effects of vibrations or vibrations, because vibrations require considerable power

Reduce lighting on the screen

In addition, bright light on the screen is not good for vision. And set the sleep feature (the screen dims automatically) to a not too long time, 1 minute. – Try also to use dark theme themes.

Cas the cell correctly

Usually there are those who charge the cellphone for a long time (exceeding the limit). Maybe when not in use and when leaving it.

charge the cellphone overnight

Like at night, the one who blurted out was left to sleep until morning.

This will trigger overheating or overheat, which makes the battery break fast.

Although many phones have an auto cut off feature. And maybe including your cellphone. It is highly recommended not to charge the cellphone overnight.

We recommend that you charge your cellphone until it’s full, after fully unplugging the cas.

Take advantage of Airplane Mode

If when the smartphone is not used for a very long period of time, use Airplane Mode or airplane mode. Later the network will be turned off.

airplane mode

Because, there is no signal that flies to the cellphone.

When there is no signal coverage due to the distance of the remote BTS. Mobile phones will continue to search for networks. This will also make it heat up quickly and waste the battery.

The signal is unstable, or when the connection network changes (2G to 3G or vice versa, it can also be 4G). can cause the cellphone to heat up and consume a lot of power.

Turn off Default Application

disable default application

Maybe this one can be tried because it can reduce the number of applications running.

To deactivate the default application, all you need to do is go to application management. There, see what applications are running but never used.

After that, look at all application lists looking for the name of the application that was running earlier Open and set the application to mode is not possible. And later the application will no longer run.

If the application performs rather heavily, it will also improve the performance of the smartphone.

Cas Mobile Safely

Do not use the cellphone while charging the battery. This can disrupt the cycle of electric current in the battery.

Do not use the cellphone while charging the battery

Indeed, that is what many people do. Charging is not optimal because the input power that should be stored in the battery is used partly for hardware.

This causes the power entering the battery is no longer optimal and not according to standard. Finally, over time the battery becomes damaged, drops or may be inflated / inflated.

Not only that, even worse, the hardware will also become abnormal. In terms of wasteful batteries. It will appear, when after replacing the battery where it is wasteful it still feels even though it has replaced the battery with a new one. The new battery is not full of contents, it is recommended to fill it first fully before use.

Keep Battery Temperature

Do not use the cellphone while charging the battery

Hot temperatures can press the battery and reduce battery capacity.

So avoid putting your smartphone in a hot place, such as putting it on the dashboard of a car exposed to sunlight.

Or cellphones that are hot when used, or hot even though they are not being used. To fix this, try turning off the cellphone.

If it’s very hot, also remove the battery if you can.

Cellphones that are suddenly hot when not in use can be caused by a system or a heavy application. The solution is to try restarting (turn it off and on again).

Those are some tips and ways to overcome the wasteful battery power and quickly run out.

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