A list of usage limits for the WhatsApp application

batas maksimal penggunaan whatsapp

WhatsApp Messenger is currently the best chat application for sending messages via smart phones. On smartphones we only need an internet connection and a user’s telephone number to be able to use the whatsapp application.

Applications built by Facebook offer ease of use. And now whatsapp is a favorite and popular application among the people.

There are so many features that you can use, completely and all for free. From full features to chatting, it can also be to share news, to share files with others. But even though it’s free, there are also limitations. What are they!

WhatsApp Maximum Limit

Here are some maximum limits on using the WhatsApp application

  • The user forwards the message a maximum of 5 times
  • The maximum number of group members is 256 users
  • The maximum limit and size of upload / send video and images is 16MB (* Note if the selected video is more than 16MB there will be an option to cut the video)
  • Maximum limit of broadcast or broadcast messages to 256 contacts in each broadcast list
  • The time limit for unsend or delete messages for everyone ( delete for everyone ) is about one hour after sending a message.
  • File size limit Documents that can be sent are 100MB. The file can also be an APK application, a compress file.
  • The writing length limit can be up to 65,536 characters.
  • The time limit for account deletion is if the account is inactive for “120 days”. This means that if the account is not connected to the whatsapp network for 4 months the account will be deactivated automatically.

For how many contacts can we save on WhatsApp? if this maybe there is no limit. because I did not find information about that.

Now that’s the maximum limitations in using the WhatsApp application. If there is something missing, sorry …