How To Make A WhatsApp Link (Send A Message Without Saving Number)

The Whatsapp application is one of the most popular sending / texting applications, both for casual users and business use (Whatsapp Business). Users who want to send messages will usually save their destination contact number.

But Whatsapp can also be used to send messages without having to save phone numbers in contacts. Surely this is one feature that is very useful for users to do business.

Many people use this feature for their business in olshop ( online shop ). They usually put a link on their online store / website or on social media like FB and IG.

Link WA (Whatsapp Link) is a link or link that is used to connect to WhatsApp. When someone / buyer visits the link, he will be directed to whatsapp message service, without needing to write the destination number / the seller.Content

How to Make WhatsApp Links

To create a WhatsApp message link is very easy. You only need to enter the destination WhatsApp number. Then you can use it on Facebook, Instagram, websites or online stores.

WhatsApp link structure: country code + destination number.

What you need to pay attention / remember is the use of country codes. For example, I will make a WhatsApp link with number 085123456789. Then the link will be like this. 185123456789


  • The country code for US is 1.
  • The zero (0) cellphone number is unused or has been replaced with country code 1.
  • Then 85123456789 is the destination number.

WhatsApp also has the url address to shortlink or short link, ie . Example link above if changed to shorter. The result:

You just need to copy the example and change the number 85123456789.

* Don’t use alerts -, like, it’s WRONG.

How to Add Message Text on a WhatsApp Link

Let it be easier for buyers to write details of the products purchased in the message. You can add message text on the link WhatsApp. It’s easy, just add code like this. Example:


  • &text =: code to add message text.
  • %20: space replacement code in the message text.
  • %0A: code for Enter or create a new line below it.

In this example, there will automatically be text in the message box that will be displayed like this.

I want to ask?
The owner of

For short WA links, use the code ?text=. do it like this:

How to make WhatsApp links in Bitly (shortening url)

With bitly we can make the link transparent and shorter. Or it can even be easy to remember. Besides being used for websites, shortlinks are used bitly to be shared.

There are many free sites that we can use to make shortlinks like bitly. But the bitly site is the best.

To make a WhatsApp link in bitly, we can do it without the need to register. But if we register we can get several benefits, such as monitoring the number of link clicks, custom links and others.

1. Without Login / Register

First, open the site .

Examples of
Examples of

You enter the WhatsApp link in the box provided. After that press the Short button , and the site will start processing. Then the results will appear below (on the right).

To copy the bitly link that was created. Press the Copy button, which is next to it.

2. By Login / Registering

on you can register with Sign Up or even easier you can just log in with a Google account, Twitter, or Facebook.

After you login / enter the page bitly, click the Create Yout First link or Create .

Enter the WhatsApp link in the long url paste box. And then click Create .

Custom link bitly
Custom link bitly

Then you can adjust the bitly links that have been created. Make links by name, tag, title. The link name ( customize back-half ) you can set it as you wish as long as the name is still available or not used by others.

Bitly is also available in an application that you can download on Playstore.