Start competing in the era of Digital economy life

It has been a long time to enter the 4th era of Industrial revolution. The Era of all has been technological.

In this era of technology, business people need to get acquainted with technology. So that they can utilize technology to advance their business. Otherwise, it can be ensured in the later days their business will not advance or even experience bankruptcy.

In doing business The key to success begins with persistence and hard work. In addition to that ideas and thoughts should also be deployed to creativity.

Moreover, in terms of marketing, they should further hone their ideas and thoughts to find consumers.

In the days of Digital media, business actors should know that almost at any time and every day the majority of society (as a prospective consumer) is connected to the Internet (online). Whether it's using a smartphone or a laptop device.

Internet User Data

The analysis Data from We Are Social above shows that the average Indonesian people use time for 8 hours 36 minutes to surf the internet. Then followed by social Media with a time of 3 hours 26 minutes.

Armed with smartphones they can get a variety of information with a very wide and very fast. As is the case when searching for a product or information, it is almost ensured that people will seek it first on the Internet.

Sure, this became a great opportunity for business people to introduce their products on the Internet.

Through digital marketing or digital marketing we will introduce the product to Internet users. This way it can be applied to any business.

The digital marketing method will be very different from what is obtained when using offline marketing media; Like roadside ads, newspapers, or brochures.

If the roadside ads don't provide information or product descriptions in more detail and complete. But if Digital advertising potential consumers can see more details about the products you offer.

Well, now know why Digital Marketing is very important for business. Not necessarily for business in large or medium scale. Small micro enterprises that just started business are also required. If not, it is confirmed later that day will be eliminated, because it loses competing with other producers.

The advantages of Digital Marketing

Don't think digital marketing is hard, but it's easy. Even all business people can use it. In addition, there are many advantages that can be obtained when applying digital marketing.

1. Can reach a wider consumer

Already described above, the majority of Indonesian people are using it's time to be online. And the number reaches 170 million people. In the eyes of a businessman they are prospective consumers. Which at various times and places they can see your products.

What's more you can target consumers. This means you can introduce the product to someone who is looking for it.

2. Can save cost, time and energy

Think of traditional marketing that it costs a lot to take care of advertising, as well as the time and energy in to travel around introducing products.

Unlike digital marketing, a small fee can be used to promote the product, and it doesn't have to spend a lot of time and effort on spreading ads. Anytime and anywhere you can update information about your business.

How to market in the Digital Life era

Competition in the life era of digital marketing

Online media marketing becomes easier, more efficient and effective. But do you know? That many businessmen who have implemented digital marketing, so in the life of this digital economy are also many business people who compete in Digital Marketing.

Yes, they are vying in introducing and offering their products. Their ideas, minds, and creativity are as much as possible to find and compete for prospective consumers in a unique and interesting way.

At first they searched for as many prospective consumers and introduced the product. Then, how to make the prospective customers can be interested to look at the products, interested to buy, satisfied and comfortable in wearing it, until the trust arises and become a customer.

But it all takes time. This is what makes business and digital agencies rotate the brain. How to make it faster to introduce its products to everyone and find consumers as much as possible.

So in the life of digital marketing is used the idea of "life hack" in the life of digital marketing. Or it can be interpreted as any tricks, shortcuts, skills, or new methods that can increase productivity and efficiency. And this is what is the trend in today's digital marketing life.

It is possible that digital marketing hacking method will always be needed for business or digital agency.

Tips on winning competing in digital marketing

There are various ways that you can do in digital marketing life hack. The essence of all is creativity.

Active in Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media becomes the best place to promote products, as well as being the best intermediary for connecting producers with consumers.

Find your customers

Promoting products on social media! But it requires followers so that many people know what you're promoting.

So the first thing you do is make your business known to some people. It can be done faster by creating interesting content and of course it is still related to your product.

How do I create content that's as interesting as possible?

Your content will be said to be interesting when providing benefits and answers to those who read it that are your customers. So create content that can help others.

For life hack you create viral or funny content that can entertain people. Because behind it all can attract others to do share. So there will be a lot of people viewing your content, so they'll also see your business. Until finally they can start following you.

When you get a lot of followers, and you post a product. Then there will be many people who see your product posts.

Post content Tips about your products

Don't just promote, but boost your business as well by providing tips for your customers. The goal is that your customers have a relationship with your business. This will indirectly turn consumers into loyal customers using your products.

People who are new to seeing your business on social media will also love your business.

Use attractive images

You need to know also that many people prefer and are interested in illustrated content. With images too, it can make them want to view and read your content.

Likewise with the product, some people buy the product because it looks at the picture. Well here you should also know the design trend to be able to make good pictures.

Create a prize program

Loyal people would want to get a free gift. Well this can be used as an idea to promote your product. How?

On social media you create quizzes with interesting prizes. For example, you make an easy question about your business, then Post and lucky winners will get a gopay balance of 100 thousand for 3 people.

But with the condition that the participant must follow your social media account and invite 3 friends to take the quiz.

As more and more are taking the quiz, your business will also be seen by many people. Because each participant has invited 3 friends.

Create a Website for your business

Important website for Business

The website or website becomes an important part of the digital business. It can work in many ways. Like business identity, the media to attach products are sold, and more than that. You can create your own online store.

When having a website the most important thing you should pay attention to is website quality. Do not let the new potential customers come to a sudden leave. Probably because it is uncomfortable with the website display is poor or so.

Well, here you need a life hack so that your site can attract a lot of consumers.

Choose the best service for your website

In making a website it takes its name domain and hosting. This is an important thing. A good hosting service will not make your website problematic as well as lemots.

The best service is not necessarily expensive. In Domainesia you can get cheap and quality Web hosting services. This service is perfect for those who are just starting a business or are just wanting to create a website for business.

In Domainesia service can also find the domain name that is best for your business. You can check it at

Domain and hosting of Domainesia

Talk about Domainesia service, what is the advantage?

  1. The price is cheap, Domainesia offers cheap price starting from 16,000 per month.
  2. Super-Fast SSD, Domainesia provides lightning-fast website performance that applies to all packages.
  3. 99.9% uptime guarantee, this means the Website can be accessed 24 hours in full and there will be virtually no interference.
  4. Money back guarantee, if not satisfied with the service Domainesia you do not have to worry because the company has given money back.
  5. Full Support 24/7, Domainesia provide the best service to every customer for 24 hours.

Use attractive Website views

Making consumers happy is important. The poor display of websites can confuse consumers, which in the end make them go away.

The Website display also shows the quality of business. But unfortunately many business people who are less concerned about the website display. Unknowingly this can lower the confidence level of prospective consumers.

There are many themes on the internet with a variety of views that you can use on your website, but what you need to note in managing the look of a website is:

  • Choose a theme that fits your business, is lightweight, and has a nice design.
  • Set themes as interesting as possible for your business, such as adjusting colors, navigation, logos and more.
  • Use attractive, nice and good quality images. Because some people it will start to be interested in pictures.

Create content

In search of consumers, you can do so by creating content on your website. Primarily about the content that the theme relates to your business. How it works this way.

For example: You're a seller of different types of shoes. You create content about "shoes suitable for men's batik clothes" on your site, as well as by adding promotions from your shoe products. Then publish it.

When anyone searches for "shoes for batik clothes" on the internet. The person finds the content on your site. When read-read and read, it also sees your promotion. Finally he was attracted by the product of your shoes and bought it.

Here the point is that your marketing is addressed to the right person, that is, that person is looking for shoes.

Keyword Research

Search and Research keywords

How can people easily find your content and products on the Internet. Well this is what you should think of too.

People are looking for something on the Internet using search engines. In the search engines what they are looking for will be raised. The problem they look for with what keywords?

Well that's what you should research. You search for a variety of keyword information that others make it possible to use that keyword to search the search engines. My advice, you try to use Ubersuggest and Google Trend. Then the results of the research you use to determine which keywords are suitable for your content and products.

For example Gini, you sell shoe products and give it the title of "Cheap Shoes". But if your shoes were men's shoes, it would be great if you give the title "Men's Shoes cheap".

But there is still competition, many other products are also popping up. Well here comes your idea and creativity is indispensable for presenting your content and products as interesting as possible. So you can occupy the best position in the search engines.

Promote your products to popular places

Promote your products to popular places

The popular place is always filled with visitors with very many numbers. Like a YouTube website or channel. By promoting the products in those places of course you can get a very abundant consumer. But not by way of advertising yes.

Life hack This time, you're working with a popular place owner to showcase content that contains your products.

For example, you are a seller of different types of shoes, and you are looking for a popular place that fits still be attributed to your business one of them traveling. Then you work with the blog owner's (blogger) to publish the content there.

Well you provide that content with the title "suitable shoes for the holidays", and the shoes covered in that content is your product. This means you've already marketed your products.

To be more advanced, try working with the well-known vlogger (or it can be said as a person with multiple followers). Make no wrong, this is a very good method, because now the video content is very much interest.

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